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Movie: Damaged Care
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If you want to read about some of my experiences with health care and its effects on patients and others, see the pieces listed below.  
Some of these articles are not available electronically, or they are available through various organizations that originally published them.  If you are unable to acquire them, contact me for assistance. 

"What is the Value of a Voice?"

     This article appeared in U.S. News & World Report and formed the basis for the movie, "Damaged Care."

"The Second Coming of Managed Care"

     This article, published in TRIAL in May 2004, discusses current health system practices, with an emphasis on new forms of "managed care." 

"Managed Care and the Corporate Practice of Medicine"

     This article, published in TRIAL Magazine in February 2000, discusses the basics of a managed care system and what happens when the practice of medicine shifts to organizations and corporations.

"When HMOs Put Profits Over Patients"

     This article, co-authored with Ted Leopold, discusses the expansion of "managed care" to areas beyond insurance and the implications of cost-driven decisions on patient care.  It appeared in August 2003.

"Burden of Oath"

     This piece won second place in a special contest for nonfiction writing on health care.  The entire issue, "Rage and Reconciliation," is a powerful collection of health care experiences from many perspectives.  The issue is available from Creative Nonfiction.  It is also going to be published by Southern Methodist University Press in September 2005.  The book will include a CD with a professional performance of "Burden of Oath."   

"Managed Care Ethics"

     This is the written document submitted for a Congressional testimony at a hearing focused on managed care practices.

"Enron's Watkins Falls Far Short of Being a Hero" Los Angeles Times, February 27, 2002

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