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Toward a Healthier World


Movie: Damaged Care
Presentations, Lectures, and Seminars
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Through consultation, expert analysis and education, I provide assistance to individuals as well as organizations. 
My work focuses on problem prevention, identification, and resolution, with concentration on understanding and achieving ethical, compassionate systems of care and responsibility.      

Use these links to identify the services specific to your needs:

Patients and Individuals with Healthcare Needs

Physicians and Other Healthcare Professionals

Professionals in Academics, Law, Policy, Media and Others

Healthcare Organizations: Hospitals, Managed Care Companies, Others

Consulting, Training, Expert Work, and Patient Advocacy: Sample Clients and Projects

  • Advice and assistance for health system problems, including patients, physicians, other health professionals, and organizations
  • Expert analysis of health system issues for persons in the legal, media and policy fields
  • Development and implementation of policies and practices in health care coverage and payment 
  • Education and consultation on practices such as utilization management, quality management, risk management, credentialing, underwriting, medical policy development, and other health care operations
  • Consultation and expertise for health care ventures requiring in depth understanding of health system operations
  • Advice and assistance for employers and businesses for health coverage issues
  • Education and consultation on the design and implementation of ethical managed care
  • Education for hospitals regarding health insurance agreements and disputes, especially denials of care
  • Education for physicians and other health care professionals regarding insurance agreements, implications, ethics and disputes
  • Education and expert analysis for legal professionals
  • Education and consultation for physician, other health care professionals and professional groups and organizations regarding professional ethics, peer review, and credentialing issues
  • Education and consultation for organizations on policies, practices and culture, with an emphasis on the identification of risk management issues and the design and implementation of patient-centered policies
  • Education and consultation for international groups requiring information about American health system practices, especially related to managed care and for-profit medicine and health care
  • Education and consultation for health care organizations, including hospitals and medical societies on issues related to medical ethics, health care ethics, health system operations
  • Education and consultation for researchers, media, policy makers on operations of health system and implications for patients, health care professional, medicine and health care

Education, Speaking, Seminars and Writing: Sample Topics and Areas

  • Managed care and its implications for health care professionals, organizations, and other societal systems
  • Ethics of managed care
  • Health care ethics and responsibility
  • Professional ethics and responsibility
  • "Damaged care" and the need for a compassionate health system
  • American health care system and the international implications
  • Courage and the ethical life
  • Health care economics and implications for the compassionate care
  • Organizational responsibilities and opportunities for ethical systems, especially for health care
  • The ethical implications and importance of  "whistleblowers" 
  • Ethical issues in leadership and management 
  • Medical ethics, especially issues related to informed consent, disclosure, and advocacy
  • Health care and its connection to other parts of our experience, e.g. ecology and spirituality
  • Health care and globalization, with a special focus on the implications of American models of health care delivery, financing and managed care outside the U.S.
  • Seminars on health system design and operations, including evolution of managed care, change in practice of medicine, and effects on professionals and patients
  • Seminars on ethical practice, including a focus on requirements, education, obstacles and opportunities

Linda Peeno * 3807 Elmwood Avenue * Louisville, Kentucky * 40207 * USA