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Movie: Damaged Care

Movie: Damaged Care
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The movie, Damaged Care, is based on my experiences as a physician struggling to create a more compassionate, patient-centered health care system. 
We are rarely moved by more data.  However stories, especially those of real persons, touch us at our deepest levels, often moving us to learn, speak, and act more for change.  The stories in Damaged Care portray the timeless and global tensions between cost and care, economics and ethics, and society and individual patients.  
This film is now widely used nationally and internationally as an education tool for classes in medical, health care, business and social ethics, as well as in seminars, training and study groups.    

SPECIAL NOTE: After the consumer backlash against "managed care" in the late 90's, some persons in the health insurance industry claim that the system has changed and the issues portrayed in the movie no longer occur.  However, I hear daily from patients and physicians who experience the same conditions dramatized in the movie and many others that are worse in their effects.  The work to balance cost and care is unending, as is the struggle to ensure that health care is ethical, equitable, and compassionate.  In this regard, the movie represents many attitudes, practices, and challenges that may be universal and timeless for any health system.  The drama of it keeps present the human needs we all share.  
Sample issues for discussion and study:
  • When is it necessary to ration health care?  Who does it?  How can it be done ethically and compassionately? 
  • Where does the money go in the health care system?  If health care dollars are "scarce," can we ethically defend their use for non-health care expenditures, such as the sculpture portrayed in the movie?
  • How does organizational culture affect the decision-making and ethics of the individuals within it?  When is a system or organization unethical?  Can one be ethical in an unethical system?
  • Can we expect individuals to make moral decisions when the costs (professional and personal) are too great?   
The movie is available for purchase at various locations
found easily with an Internet search.

Damaged Care Study and Discussion Guide

Some information about the movie:

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