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Toward a Healthier World

Presentations, Lectures, and Seminars

Movie: Damaged Care
Presentations, Lectures, and Seminars
Contact Me

I am available for presentations, lectures and seminars for groups and organizations.  To discuss topics, please contact me. 

Some current presentations, seminars and workshops:

Social Justice Biennial Conference
Presbyterian Health, Education and Welfare Association
Tucson, Arizona
January 13-16, 2005
Four-hour workshop on Damaged Care and our urgent need for social justice in healthcare

"Ethical Choices, Individual Voices"
Leadership Series Symposium -- Hanover College
Hanover Center For Business Preparation
Hanover, Indiana
February 3, 2005

A list of other past and future events will be available soon.

This link provides a short video taken from a presentation done in Vancouver. 
There is an introduction of Dr. Peeno at the beginning,
followed by an eleven minute segment of a presentation. 

International Society for Research in Healthcare Financial Management - 10th Annual International Symposium and Workshop 2004

American Medical Student Association Region 8 Conference Keynote

National Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers Keynote

Contact me.

Linda Peeno * 3807 Elmwood Avenue * Louisville, Kentucky * 40207 * USA