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Movie: Damaged Care
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Linda Peeno, M.D.

I am a physician and ethicist, who consults and educates on issues related to health system operations, social change, and ethics. 

In the early 1980’s, with the advent of “managed care,” I went from clinical work to executive positions in a variety of health care organizations, including an insurance company, an HMO, a peer review organization, and a hospital.  In the early 1990’s, I shifted my work to focus on ethical issues emerging from changes in organization, financing, and delivery of health care, with a special emphasis on effects on patients, physicians, and society as a whole.

My struggle to bring these issues to public and professional attention is the subject of a movie, Damaged Care, first aired in 2002 by Showtime and Paramount studios.     

 I have been recognized as a leading authority on the operations of health organizations, corporate effects on medicine, and health care, and professional ethics.  I have testified before Congress, state legislatures, and various policy groups, and I regularly provide analysis and consultation nationally and internationally to individuals, businesses, medical and legal professionals, policy makers, researchers, and journalists.   

I have provided consultation and expert analysis on various issues related to health system operations and ethics, particularly managed care and insurance practices.  Recently my work has expanded to include other areas of professional, social, and organizational ethics and responsibility.  In addition to consulting, I write and speak nationally and internationally on health care, ethics, societal change, and the transformation of persons and organizations.   


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