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Our future depends upon a world in which we make possible each other's best health.  Nothing else unites us like our human vulnerabilities and the need for each other's care.  
The advances of modern medicine will mean little if we do not have individuals and organizations committed to ethics and equity.  To achieve this, we need health care systems based on compassion and trust. 
Whatever role we may have in these systems -- from nurses, doctors and other health professionals at bedsides to executives, legislators and others in conference rooms -- each of us, at some point in our lives, will be "patients," humbled by our common experiences of mortality and suffering.  Of all our modern systems, health care is unique -- and exemplary -- of the ways in which we are the inescapable recipients of what we create and sustain.     
I provide services to individuals and groups nationally and internationally, using my expertise in areas such as health system problems, health care and medical ethics, and professional and organizational responsibility.  I consult, speak, and write about transformative thoughts and actions that can help us achieve together a healthier world. 
Linda Peeno, MD 
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The whole idea of compassion
is based on a keen awareness
of the interdependence
of all these living beings,
which are all part
of one another,
and all involved
in one another.
          -Thomas Merton

Linda Peeno * 3807 Elmwood Avenue * Louisville, Kentucky * 40207 * USA